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Dave, AI Consultant
Ask me Anything!


Dave is an OpenAI GPT Assistant ChatBot and answers your questions about our company and our services. He can also answer more general questions about your individual IT challenges.


The use of the AI ChatBot is subject to our Terms of Use and we treat your data in accordance with our and the European data protection guidelines GDPR.


We attach great importance to the protection of your privacy and the security of your data.

Thank you for your trust.

Do not enter any company data or other personal or confidential data of others in the chat.

Please ensure the suggestions and recommendations provided by our AI consultant are reviewed by a qualified expert. While the advice from our AI consultant is generally of a high standard, it is crucial to tailor these recommendations to your specific needs or consider alternative approaches as necessary.




At the end of your chat, you can create a summary of the conversation and send it to us using copy and paste. We will then get in touch with you if you wish. 

We look forward to advising you personally and responding to your concerns.

Please Use this promt for the summary:

"Please provide a concise summary of our conversation, focusing on the main topics discussed, any conclusions reached, and specific recommendations or action items that emerged. Highlight critical insights and ensure that the summary reflects the overall guidance provided, including any necessary steps or considerations for implementation."

Please send us Feedback
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