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Clear IT Business Solutions
for a Complex World

At massandra eBusiness engineering, we understand the challenges faced by IT- and business managers within a complex IT ecosystem. Our method is straightforward: we apply a transparent, structured and analytical approach to deliver effective solutions to complex business and IT requirements. We utilize our expertise in the areas of IT security, IT architectures, AI, business analysis and project management to deliver strategies that not only solve problems efficiently and purposefully, but also pave the way for sustainable digital transformation.

Our Services

Our Competencies

IT Project Management

If your IT project is at risk of going off course, we are the solution. Utilize our methodological expertise and leadership experience.

And you will receive a transparent, realistic, and reliable implementation of your project.

AI for Business 

Integrating AI into your business processes opens up a wide range of opportunities to increase efficiency, drive innovation, deepen customer relationships and boost productivity. Provided you know how to successfully implement an AI project.

Requirements Enginneering (RE)

Robust Requirements Engineering is crucial for IT project success. Over 80% of errors stem from inadequate requirements analysis, leading to misalignments with business goals. Enhancing RE during the Business Change Lifecycle can vastly improve outcomes.

IT-Security Architecture

An increasing threat situation, greater complexity and the networking of companies are one of the biggest challenges for management, and we support you in mastering these challenges!

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